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Corvids are hilariously intelligent. 

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Personal dining thoughts →


Personally, I don’t like eating around children. I tend to go to the kind of places that serve alcohol, and by God, I’m getting a martini (or 4) if I’m going out. I usually sit in the bar area, but people plop their kids down in that area too. I don’t understand it. This is where…

This kind of irritates me. I work behind the bar and kids are always wanting to sit up at the bar, or parents bring them up there. It’s awkward. Especially since I don’t really care to deal with kids.  


  1. Red Beryl [x]
  2. Aquamarine [x]
  3. Pyrite on Rhodochrosite [x]
  4. Fluorite [x]
  5. Malachite Stalactite [x]
  6. Cobaltoan Calcite [x]
  7. Rhodochrosite [x]
  8. Dioptase [x]
  9. Fluorite [x]
  10. Spessartine [x]
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